my life has no meaning! I’m sad to the point of death!

We all long to love and to be loved in return. Such a desire is so deep that it directs most all our actions and conditions our happiness. It gives back meaning to our lives.

Still, how to efficiently satisfy the need for love which inhabits us? What meaning can we give to life? How to reach happiness?

The column Video Divina confronts a current answer with a Christian answer given to those questions. The column Lectio Divina explains and illustrates in details the Christian proposition.

The explanation comes from the Song of Songs, a collection of poems found in the Bible, and the illustration is offered with pictures taken in the Brazilian Amazonia, to honor that region where the Society is present, and because (as you will be able to verify) those pictures translate very well that idea of mystical marriage that we will broach in that dossier.

In the column Lectio Divina, you will be invited to invoke the Spirit of God and then live the following spiritual approach:

1) the lectio (reading), which consists in reading and reading again a given biblical passage in order to collect the elements that are meaningful for you;

2) the meditatio (meditation), a moment of internal pause, where, inspired by the Spirit, and by the reading clues that will be given to you, you will do your best to understand what God will have intended to tell you through the biblical passage that you will have read;

3) the oratio (prayer), where you will express to God your thanks for what he will have given you during your meditation. You will also at that stage ask him a particular grace that will be related to what you will have understood during the meditation;

4) the contemplatio (contemplation), that will consist in maintaining a heart attentive to the presence of God.

Finally, the column To do and to do again will help you with suggested movies, books and songs to remain in meditation, prayer, contemplation and hope.

Fruitful meditation !

Rachèle Planet

Note: in this dossier, the choice of pictures and videos express a fundamental aspect of the SME identity: its openness to the knowledge of the traditional and religious traditions of the persons and the people towards whom the Society turns itself. It is one of the approaches by which it creates connections and establishes dialogue.