96 years of missionary initiative

Capital: Ottawa
Population: 35.16 million
Currency: Canadian Dollar
Official Languages: English, French.

Presentation of the mission in Canada


Central house of the society and financial office
180, place Juge-Desnoyers, Laval,
QC H7G 1A4

Missionary animation centers
160, place Juge-Desnoyers Laval
QC H7G 1A5
867, rue Rochette Québec
QC G1V 2S6


In September 1924, the seminary of the The Quebec Foreign Mission Society (SME) of the province of Quebec opened its doors in Laval, Quebec (Canada). 

 Today, this seminary has become the residence of almost sixty missionary priests returning to Canada permanently, and of those who are responsible for the administration and internal animation of the Society. This place is now called the Central House of the SME.

 The Central House is the headquarters of what the SME calls the Canada Region. The Society has an organizational structure that takes into account the regions in the world in which it is present and from which it makes its decisions. The Society is thus compartmentalized into four regions:

¯ the Canadian Region, composed of missionaries returning to Canada permanently and certain members working on general services;

¯ the Latin American Region, consisting of Brazil, Chile, Honduras and Peru;

¯ the Asian Region, made up of Cambodia, China, Japan and Philippines;

¯ the African Region, which now counts only with Kenya.

The latter region also incorporated, once, Sudan. In the same way, the Latin American Region included these other countries: Cuba, Argentina, Guatemala and Nicaragua. And the Asia Region also included Indonesia and Thailand as mission lands.

For the SME, once a missionnary one is a missionary for life. As a consequence, even though they have reached retirement age, several of its perpetual members are still very active and collaborate in the administration of the Society, regionally or internationally, or in pastoral ministry communities.


Photo credits : SME. 3D map credits: Shutterstock.