what meaning to give to life? How to reach happiness?

A current answer

The myth of the soulmates

A Greek legend tells that at the beginning of the World, Man was a unique entity. And then, to punish him for an error that he had committed, a god sent above him lightning and he was divided into two species that moved away from one another.

Being uncomplete, unachieved, unhappy without one another, those 2 haves coming from one entity began to look for one another, traveling the whole world to be reunited together again.

In short, to blossom, one must find one’s soulmate.

How can the concept of soulmates be compatible with Christian faith?

Has not God said, in the book of Genesis (in the Bible), that it is not good for Man (the human) to be alone?

The book of Genesis tells us also that God took a part from Man to create for himself a mate: Eve. And it is for that reason a man leaves his parents to cling to his wife. From then on, they have become one flesh, one breath like at the beginning.

Besides, the book of Tobit, also in the Bible, tells us that some persons are reserved for one another «from the very beginning».

If we had to accept that concept of soulmates, we would have however to bring to it some precisions:

Before the coming of Christ, everybody got married, priests included, with the exception of those who were not attracted by marriage or were prevented from marrying (ex.: castrated people). To marry was in conformity with what we knew about the vocation of Man: to procreate and to prosper.

With the coming of Christ, marriage is left at one’s discretion. In fact, Christ thought that we could choose not to marry in order to dedicate oneself totally to God’s business. And so, at the very beginning of the Church, Christians were invited to renounce the world including marriage, so as to care only about the Kingdom of God. It was then admitted that the vocation of Man consisted essentially in loving God and neighbour, in a fundamentally fraternal relationship.

When decided, consecrated celibacy now becomes possible with the help of the baptismal grace.

Yet, since it is not good for Man to be alone…, according to the words of God Himself, the human being is called to realize his own life project («his mission on earth») in connection with at least one other person, either soulmate or not.

That is why, as an example, that Jesus sent his disciples on a mission, two by two, and that persons consecrated to God have adopted since a long time a community life style.

The Christian response

Christ is the true Soulmate of all souls.

The conviction of Christians is that, whatever the life style chosen by the baptized person, either consecrated celibacy or marriage, Christ is the true Soulmate of all.

Everyone is called to unite oneself to Him, in order to really fill his need for love and to reach happiness. Many Christian mystics (John of the Cross, Teresa of Avila, Therese of Infant Jesus, etc.) have experienced such happiness!

Does all of this frighten you? Just take a few minutes to enter into a dialogue with your Soulmate:


Two Thousand Years: Adaptation of A Thousand Years (C. Perri)

The videoclip A Thousand years, of Christina Perri (presented above, as an introduction to this chronicle), translates in words and in pictures the conceivable emotions of loving union between the immortal soul (it happens to be Christ) and a mortal soul (you, who aspires to absolute love and happiness that only Christ can bring you).


« Do not be afraid! Each day, I am consumed with love for you. I love you and I have been waiting for you for two thousand years. I will love you and I would wait for you for another two thousand years if needed…» (Loose translation and adaptation of A Thousand Years.)


« How could I love, move forward in that relationship, leave everything to unite myself to Christ when, at the same time, I am afraid at the idea that such a union can cause my ruin? » (Loose translation and adaptation of A Thousand Years.)


« Time has brought me your heart »; « Every minute, every heartbeat has brought us to this moment »; «…I always knew that one day, I would find you again... » (Excerpts from A Thousand Years)

As much as you will approach yourself to Christ and contemplate him, all your fears will mysteriously fly away

And so, are you ready to embark on such an adventure?

If so, go immediately to the column Lectio Divina. I am waiting for you there!

In that column, I will explain to you, step by step, how to realize your union with Christ, in order to reach the happiness that you are looking for.

Well, what are you waiting for? Let’s go!