A word from the General superior

Yes, it's a new beginning! In the digital world, everything changes quickly. So it has become ordinary to get up-to-date regularly. Our new website will allow you to discover the Quebec Foreign Missions Society under many aspects and, who knows, in a different way.

Do you want to know who we are, what are our commitments, what is the spirituality that drives us, what makes us live? Browse and you will find out.

Are you interested in the latest news about the life of our Society, its members and associates? You will find them in a few clicks.

Our site is all that and more. Concerning the various thematic sections we propose, we want to allow those who stop by there, especially young people, to find out what the Christian faith can offer them in their quest about the meaning of life, in the development of their spirituality and / or commitment to the common good.

Thus, many of our web pages invite us to live a spiritual, faithful and welcoming approach to Christ, while others will lead to self-transcendence, openness and action.

Who knows? A spark, an inspiration, or even, a call will perhaps occur in your heart and will give you the taste to get engaged along the path of mission.

Come and see!

Martin Laliberté