69 years of presence

Capital: Tokyo
Population: 127.3 million
Currency: Japanese Yen
Official Language: Japanese

Presentation of the mission in Japan


Akatsutsumi Catholic Church
3-20-1, Akatsutsumi
Setagaya-ku, Tôkyô


In 1948, the Quebec Foreign Mission Society (SME) opened a house in Japan. At that moment, the country was devastated by the Second World War. Christianity was settled there in 1549, by Francois Xavier, but never spread in the country. Today, devotees barely reach 2% of the population.

In this country not opened to foreign practices, SME sought more to be present than to spread.

In Japan, the SME is based in Sendai and Tokyo.

Through their involvement in various parish pastoral services and social initiatives, the missionaries of the SME, priests, deacons and lay people, work to establish a dialogue that leads to the acceptance of the Gospel in local spirituality.


Photo credits : SME. 3D map credits: Shutterstock.