17 years of opening

Capital: Nairobi
Population: 44.35 million
Currency: Kenyan shilling
Official Languages: Swahili, English

Presentation of the mission in Kenya


Regional House
P.O. Box 21654, 00505
Kabernet Street


The Quebec Foreign Mission Society (SME) has been present in Kenya since 2000. This is where the Center for the Theological Training of candidates for the missionary priesthood is located. This center replaces the Major Seminary in Laval, Canada, where the pioneers of the SME were formed and from where they left from for the first international missions of the Society.

Since in the course of time, the Society has opened itself to the lay people. Today, it has a large number of lay associates. Thus, SME has set up a second training center, also based in Kenya, where the lay missionaries who join the Society live the second stage of their formation process, with candidates for the priesthood.

Kenya was chosen by the SME as a training venue because it offers resources that are particularly adapted to the needs of the Society. For example, the parish of Namanga, located on the territory of the Maasaï people, in the south of the country, wich provides a perfect environment to learn about openness and simplicity, according to the charism of the Society.


Photo credits : Pixabay. 3D map credits: Shutterstock.