61 years of social justice


Capital: Lima
Population: 30.38 million
Currency: Peruvian Sol
Official Languages: Spanish, Quechua, Aymara

Presentation of the mission in Peru


Paso de los Andes 368
Pueblo Libre, Lima 21

Vicariato Apostólico Apartado
Postal 33


It is in 1956 that the Quebec Foreign Mission Society (SME) arrives in Peru, more precisely in Pucallpa, Amazon. It then expanded to Ica, Lima and Carabayllo.

The SME has many accomplishments in Peru: schools, dispensaries, credit unions, youth centers, seminars for priesthood candidates, etc.

Today it remains engaged in social activities and parish pastoral activities in Pucallpa, Lima and Carabayllo, as well as in missionary animation and formation in Lima.


Photo credits and 3D map credits: Shutterstock.