The missionary training

The Quebec Foreign Missions Society (SME) offers a training to anyone between the ages of 20 and 40 who wish to live a missionary commitment as a laic associate or as a priest.


To discern your call and prepare you to live the mission.


The training offered by the SME develops the ability to meet and welcome the other in the differences of culture, vocation, sex and age. It helps to cultivate the essential attitudes to the mission, which are:

- listening and openness to others;

- the simplicity;

- humility;

- adaptability;

- ability to live in community;

- love of Christ and his Church.

This training is done in three stages. In stages one and two, all candidates, both those in the missionary laity and the priesthood, receive training according to the principles set out above.

The first stage takes place in the candidate's country of origin and aims at early discernment of the missionary vocation.

The second stage aims at developing the capacity to live with people of all cultures and to deepen the initial discernment. This second stage is done at the Missionary Training Center of the Society, located in Nairobi, Kenya.

In the third stage, the training specializes candidates for:

- missionary laity return to their country of origin to prepare for an imminent departure to a mission country;

- the priesthood start their theological studies in Kenya.