Who are we?

The Quebec Foreign Mission Society of is an international missionary society comprised of priests (permanent members) and lay associates. It was founded in 1921 by the Roman Catholic Bishops of French Canada as their response to Jesus’ call to preach the Gospel to all nations... 

Centennial Prayer

God ever faithful,
“Whom shall I send?” - you ask us.
On this path, on the same boat,
where we all are,
we answer to you:
“Here we are, Lord, send us" (Is. 6,8)...

Centennial Logo

Inspired by the theme for the celebration of the centenary of the Quebec Foreign Mission Society “To run the risk of the encounter at the service of the Gospel 1921-2021”, the logo of the Centenary was designed. It contains the institutional identity and reflects the elements of encounter, risk and service, as part of their own journey along the 100 years of foundation...

Our history...


On February 2nd, 1921, the bishops of French-speaking Canada gathered at the Archdiocese of Quebec. Near the monument of Bishop Laval, the first bishop of Quebec, they decided to found a seminary for missions. 

A committee of four bishops is formed to undertake the legal steps required to complete this project. 

This committee will also find some priests available to act as pioneers of this work. This decision is at the origin of the Quebec Foreign Missions Society.


Contest for the creation of a song for the Centenary of the QFMS (SMÉ)

“He who sings, prays twice” (Saint Augustin) 
As part of the 100 years’ celebration of our Missionary Society, we call to all for the creation of the hymn/song of the Centenary.
This contest for creating the Jubilee Hymn has as purpose to express the joy and gratitude to the Lord for the foundation of our Missionary Society, which has the official motto: “To run the risk of the encounter at the service of the Gospel”, inspired by Evangelii Gaudium #88.


Celebrating these 25 years of missionary presence in Cambodia could be summarized in one word: gratitude. God has been here since long before the arrival of our group (in 1995), since long before the arrival of the first missionaries, and even since long before the advent of Christianity. God is here, “he has been great with us and we are happy”. For this, we give thanks. Because God is presence in this beautiful land...

   Our Mission in Cambodia...                                                                                       Celebration of the 25th anniversary

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Code of ethics for the  Quebec Foreign Mission Society

By this Code of Ethics, the Foreign Mission Society of the Province of Quebec (SME), having its head office in Laval (Quebec, Canada), wishes to affirm that it cares about the well-being and overall wellness of its members, associates and employees. Respect for the individual is one of the fundamental values of the Society...


Scarecrows are used worldwide to scare away birds that threaten crops. Literature, and the cinema, have recreated stories about scarecrows. Some tales are cute and naive, like the Scarecrow of the Wizard of Oz...

It's my choice 
to enjoy de way

Every day different questions arise, from the simplest to the most complex. In each experience we have to make different decisions. In each decision, God, with his boundless love, makes himself present. 
This is how I grew up: God filled me with his love, filling my whole life from different spaces.
My name is Jackeline Haro Cortez, I live in Peru, in the Callao’s port. I come from a family made up of my parents, my sister and my nieces;

99th Anniversary of The Foundation of the QFMS (SMÉ)

On February 2, we celebrated the 99th anniversary of the foundation of the Foreign Missions Society. I thought of celebrating the event with 100 roses, 99 as an expression of thanksgiving for these last 99 years and as a sign of confidence for the hundredth year. Only the rose of the hundredth still decorates the church. The other 99 distributed among the people go on decorating various areas of the city…and it is like that with the life of thee SME. Jean Gaboury, p.m.é. (Japon)


The four weeks of our Assembly were the result of a long process of prayer, reflection, sharing and discernment that was lived out in all our Local Groups, Regions and our PGM through the recollections which invited us to review our experience of the Mission in communion. 
It is then from the fruits of our collective reflection of the last year on that theme that the 14 members of the Assembly and the 16 invited guests began to work together so as to discern the missionary summons that the Lord makes to us in the actual context that is ours... 



NOS JUBILAIRES 2020     (Celebration Thursday October 1st, at 10h30)
 65 years of priesthood : Jacques Paquin, Florent Vincent.
60 years of priesthood : Hervé Caron, Guy Lamoureux, Gervais Turgeon.
50 years of priesthood : Charles-Aimé Bolduc, Mgr Guy Charbonneau, André Dionne, Guy Levesque, André Rondeau, Pierre Samson.
25 years of priesthood : Mgr Martin Laliberté.

Ordinations - Kenya 

On the 31th of August 2019, the SMÉ gladly celebrated the ordinations of Fr. Benard Mukeku Mutisya from Kenya and Deacon Juan Ramón Moncada Paz from Honduras who were ordained by Bishop Norman King’oo, Bishop of Machakos...


Ordination - Digos

This past September 24, our brother Juvanne Regidor was ordained a priest in the Cathedral of Digos, "Mary Mediatrix of All Graces". The ceremony was presided over by Bishop Guillermo Afable, Bishop of Digos, Philippines...  


Our departed
loved ones... 
Jean Ménard, p.m.é.

Father Jean Ménard, priest of the Foreign Missions, died in Laval on Sunday January 26th, 2020 at the age of 91 years and 6 months. Born in Valleyfield on July 23rd, 1928, he was the son of Joseph-Maximilien Ménard and Juliette L’Arche. He did his secondary studies at the Valleyfield Seminary, then his theological studies at the University Seminar of Ottawa and at the Major Seminary of Foreign Missions in Pont-Viau ...


Our departed
loved ones...
Léo Anctil, pmé

Father Léo Anctil, priest of the Foreign Missions, died in Laval on March 30th, 2020, at the age of 86 years and 10 months. He was born in St.Philippe de Néri on May 16th, 1933. He was missionary in Peru (1960-75; 78-85) and in Canada (1975-78; 86-2020).

Our departed
loved ones...
Jacques Paquin, p.m.é.

Father Jaques Paquin, priest of the Foreign Missions, died in Laval on May 10th, 2020, at the age of 90 years and 3 months. Born in Deschambault, January 31, 1930. He was a missionary in the Philippines (1959-72; 84-89; 94-96) and in Canada (1972-83; 89-94; 96-2020).

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