360 ° Virtual  Tour of SME Museum 

    Now you can take a trip to our virtual museum and have an amazing experience as if you’re in the museum itself. You can enjoy the journey about the founding of our society at the comfort of your seat.

    The virtual visit of the Museum is designed to show and give you a unique tour of our journey of founding as a Society (Foreign Mission Society). This virtual tour offers a contemporary, conceptual and interactive platform that you can click your way through and get up-close online information and pictures about our Journey as a Society.

    It’s a brilliant and wonderful experience, just a ‘mouse click’ away for a beautiful tour in our museum.

Here are the accesses for the digital version of the exhibition
NB: Note that to navigate in the 360 °, you click anywhere to launch it.
 Also, keep the click pressed while moving the cursor to move the gaze in space! This is what allows us the so-called "360 °" experience! It is possible to zoom in the image also with the cursor of the mouse.