Engagement of Jonel & Expérience - Radio station

Jonel Paquibot’s commitment

The Vocational Awakening Program in the Philippines (VAPP) has borne fruit despite many challenges such as earthquakes and the COVID-19 virus that shook the entire world.
On October 14, 2022, Jonel Paquibot signed his first association within the SMÉ as a Lay Missionary Associate for a six-year term. The Mass was presided by Renato Togon, In-Charge of the VAPP, and the homily was given by Benard Mukeku Mutisya.
The celebration was attended by Jonel's parents, family members, some young professionals, friends of the SMÉ family and the participation (in Zoom) of our companions from Asia (Pedro Emilio, Paul Too, Julie Fecteau, Joao Marinho, Mary Ann Ofialda and Juvanne Regidor). The Mass was celebrated in our home in Digos City. It was a simple but meaningful celebration especially for Jonel Paquibot as he prepares to join the Kenya Local Group.
We witness the deep support and joy that he has with his family and friends, especially his parents with whom we worked hand in hand during his initial formation. We hope that this event will continue to inspire more vocations for the mission.

Gold FM radio station Experience
The month of October is celebrated as the World Mission Month and here, in the Diocese of Digos, it is also celebrated as the Month of Vocation. On October 15, 2022, the SMÉ community was invited to the local radio station “Huni ug Awit Gold FM Digos City” by the presenter Ms. Lumen Coleta. She gave us the opportunity to share and talk about the mission, vocation and the VAPP project, for an hour.
Indeed, this way became an opportunity for me and Benard to share and help young professionals and young people to discern their calling, their mission of life and how God calls us in different ways in our lives. It was truly an opportunity to share our missionary experiences and to raise awareness of the beauty of being witnesses of Christ as a missionary, whether as a Lay Missionary Associate or a religious on the ground.
By praying and answering the call to be witnesses, by the virtue of our baptism, may our way of life and union as missionaries continue to inspire many people to live an authentic Christian life with gratitude. 

Renato Togon, Director de VAPP