Prayer for Vocations

Lord Jesus, Good Shepherd of souls,
You who know your sheep and know how to reach the heart of man,
Open the minds and hearts of those young people
Who seek and await a word of truth for their lives,
Make them feel that only in the mystery of your Incarnation do they find full light:

Give courage to those who know where to find the truth,
But fear that your call may be too demanding.
Stir the souls of those young people who want to follow you,
But do not know how to overcome doubt and fears
And end up listening to other voices and following other dead-end paths.

You who are the Word of the Father,
Word that creates and saves,
Overcome with your Spirit the resistance and delays of undecided spirits;
Arouse in those whom you call the courage to give the response of Love:
“Here I am, send me!” (Is. 6:8)

Virgin Mary, young daughter of Israel,
Help with your maternal love those young people
Whom the Father makes hear his Word;
Sustain those who are already consecrated.
May they repeat with you the Yes of a joyful and irrevocable surrender.

Juan Pablo Péloquin, pmé