Greetings from Honduras!

In our Vocacional Project for Central America (PROVAC in spanish) we have been coordinating some activities in order to celebrate and promote the missionary vocation, and we share with you some of them.

We began with a virtual talk about St. Theresa of the Child Jesus and her example of the mission as a presence. The next day we celebrated the mass and a small gathered in the Guadalupe house.

This missionary month was perfect to motivate our young people in formation to have an immersion experience in two locations. One group went to a farming village near to the capital Tegucigalpa and the other went to a refuge for people who has lost their home due to a geological fault active in a vulnerable site in the city.

Those experiencies were an opportunity to meet people and promote in our participants the active listening and welcoming to others. Participated six young in formation process and 3 guests.

At the end of the month our brothers André Dionne p.m.é and Marvin Vásquez (affiliate to Foreign Mission) visited Salvador’s team to encourage them, meet the young who are participating in the vocacional process with us, and meet other people who are interested in our Project and want to get involve.

Thanks for your prayers, we hope share more news soon.

Best regards,

Photos courtesy of Elsa