Guadalupe Calderón Mejía

Testimony of Holy Week Mission - Guadalupe Calderón Mejía

Holy Week was an experience 
where we encountered many challenges, 
insecurities, difficulties... Impossible to say: no more! 
It all started with a walk; 
uphill; very uphill. 
We overcame the difficulty through deep sharing.
Emotions arose 
when we enjoyed many sunflowers, 
the smiles of children, 
and seeing the enthusiasm of people.

Love: we experienced it through a smile, 

a glance at your sister, 

in fellowship and in every mass.

Night fell, the mass was celebrated; 

the Holy Spirit manifested. 

No matter the darkness...

If to God you can worship, 
with a brave heart, 
under the hot sun, 
regardless of the heat, 
people concentrated in one feeling: 
what Jesus lived - the palm branches...
...the songs, prayers 
the joy of light; 
and the joy of resurrection. 
Joy was fulfilled!