A planet without plastic is possible

Service d'Animation Missionnaire - COMECO (Comité de l'Écologie Intégrale)

Earth Day, celebrated on April 22nd, was an opportunity to reflect on our commitment to the environment. At the SME headquarters in Laval, Canada, our colleagues carried out a series of activities aimed at raising awareness about the global ecological emergency and the need for urgent action to protect ecosystems and the planet.

During one of the brainstorming forums organized by the local group in Canada at the headquarters, there was a discussion about replacing plastic with other biodegradable resources. Inspired by a video showing plastic pollution in rivers, oceans, and the food chain due to microplastics, certain resolutions were made to reduce consumption, use, distribution, and pollution by plastic at the SME headquarters.

Concrete initiatives

But what else can we do? What resources, activities, and initiatives can we implement to further decrease plastic use and pollution? It is essential to continue exploring sustainable options and promoting changes at both individual and collective levels. As the Society of Foreign Missions, we are committed to the planet!

Remember that each of us can make a difference by reducing our plastic consumption and promoting more sustainable alternatives. Together, we can contribute to the protection of our common home and build a greener future in search of more environmentally friendly alternatives.

A clear option is to encourage the use of reusable bags instead of single-use plastic bags. Additionally, we can opt for biodegradable cleaning products and avoid the use of personal hygiene products containing microplastics.

Another important initiative is to promote education and awareness about the impact of plastic on the environment. We can organize talks, workshops, and awareness campaigns within our groups to inform about the issues associated with plastic and encourage behavioral and consumption changes.

It is also urgent to support and promote research and development of alternatives to plastic, such as biodegradable and compostable materials, that can replace plastic products in different industries.

Commitment to Mother Earth and the obligation to address the ecological emergency require concrete actions. "The health of humanity cannot be separated from the environment in which we live" (Laudato si'). Therefore, reducing plastic use and pollution is a key step towards a sustainable future.

Missionary Animation Service - COMECO (Committee for Integral Ecology)